IESF Bali World Esports Championship Breaks 5 Records at Once!
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IESF Bali World Esports Championship Breaks 5 Records at Once!

IESF Bali World Esports Championship Breaks 5 Records at Once

IESF Bali 14th World Esports Championship will take place in December. This is Indonesia’s alternate chance to host the biggest esports crown in the world. Preliminarily, Indonesia was the organizer in 2016.

The reason for Indonesia getting another chance is because of the large movement of the public esports request. Indonesia is presently the number 1 electronic game request in Southeast Asia and number 3 in Asia.

According to Totovski, who represents IESF President Vlad Mainsescu, this Esport World titleholders event will carry a communication. videlicet,’ Unity in Diversity’ or concinnity in diversity. Where, this is in agreement with the Indonesian aphorism’ Bhinneka Tunggal Ika’.

IESF 2022 Bali Breaks 5 Records

But you know, that is not all the records that Indonesia has managed to break. Especially at the 14th IESFWC Bali latterly, at least there will be commodity new that will make the transnational event more gleeful and major.

  1. World Crown with The Utmost Countries Participation

IESFWC Bali will involve further than 120 countries. The furthest country that will share in Bali latterly is Colombia from South America. On average, countries forming from South America have the farthest distance when it comes to traveling to Indonesia.

  1. The Loftiest Prizepool in Iesfwc History

IESFWC has prepared a prizepool of$,000 USD or around7.7 billion Rupiah. This is a significant enhancement from the former event which only bring$,000 USD. Of course, this figure will increase the provocation and enthusiasm of the athletes to contend to show the eventuality of their country.

  1. utmost Number of Games in IESFWC

For the first time in IESF WC there will be six game titles to be queried. Not only that, IESFWC shows inclusiveness by promoting games grounded on platforms, videlicet PC, press and mobile. The six games that will be contended are Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, eFootball, DOTA 2, Tekken and CSGO

  1. First Time Included Mobile Game

The fashionability of mobile games in the ocean realm is inarguable. As the host, it’s natural for Indonesia to include mobile games as one of the figures being queried. also, the gift of Indonesian gamers in the two figures MLBB and PUBGM is largely reputed. This is the first time the IESFWC event presents Mobile Games in their event.

  1. Esports Tournament with the utmost Actors

With the number of state participation up to 120, no doubt there will be much further actors. Bali is estimated to have to accommodate further than 700 athletes, not to mention the staff, officers and observers who want to witness the excitement of IESFWC. For the first time, IESFWC also held an event with further than 500 actors

Ticket Prices

IESF Bali World Esports Championship Breaks 5 Records at Once

Regular tickets will get access to all exhibition events. In addition, you can also get access to the main stage in the event.

Also for personality tickets you’ll get further ultraexpensive access. Of course, go to the personality Lounge personality Outdoor Area and can meet the gift or players who contend. personality ticket holders also get special wares from the IESF Bali 14th World Esports Championship

The ticket price for the IESF Bali 14th World Esports Championship is priced at IDR 100 thousand/ day for regular tickets. As for the Grand Final, the ticket price will be priced at Rp. 150 thousand. Regular tickets can also be bought in packets, starting from IDR 700 thousand. Where the price still gets a reduction of over to 40 onpre-sale 1.


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