HOT | 2 Red Cards Color Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona Due to These Two Players!
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HOT | 2 Red Cards Color Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona Due to These Two Players!

Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona played a difficult match. The game ended in an interesting 1-0 win for Barcelona.
Following their victory over Atletico Madrid on Monday (9/1/2023), Xavi Hernandez cs finally got an additional three points. Ousmane Dembele scored the only goal for Barcelona in the 22nd minute of the game. He successfully used bait from Gavi.
Although Dembele scored in this match, it was not the goal that attracted the most attention. Ferran Torres’ action in 90+2 minutes finally went viral on social media. Torres springs into action and engages Savic in a wrestling move.

He grabbed Savic’s hair while locking Savic’s right hand. Because Savic did not want to lose, he put up a fight by grabbing Torres by the neck. Even as they stood up, the two continued to push each other. The referee immediately gave a red card to Torres because he was the one who started the attack. This red card also contributed to Barcelona’s bad statistics.
In the last three matches in La Liga, Barcelona players have always received a red card from the referee. The three matches were the 1-2 win over Osasuna on November 9 or before the World Cup break.

Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona: Stefan Savic and Ferran Torres Lost

HOT | 2 Red Cards Color Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona Due to These Two Players!

Stefan Savic and Ferran Torres were involved in a wrestling action after attempting to fight over the ball. When Marcos Alonso tried to throw the ball into the middle of the field, an incident occurred. So Stafan Savic and Ferran Torres tried to fight over it.
After being unable to maintain possession of the ball, the two of them got involved in a wrestling match on the field. Torres can be seen in the video locking Savic’s right hand and gripping the Atletico defender. On the other hand, Savic responded by wrapping his right hand around Torres’ neck aggressively.
This action did not escape the attention of the referee and without further ado immediately sent the two players out. Munuera Montero was quite observant in seeing this incident. He has strong reasons in giving punishment to both players with red cards

Referee Gives Red Card

“Savic was kicked out of the team for this reason. Pressing the opponent’s neck continuously while holding it with his arm. As long as the ball is in play but not the distance played between the two,” said Munuera Montero, as quoted from Marca.
“Ferran Torres has been left out of the team for the following reasons. While the ball is in play, consistently grabs opposing players by the hair. However, the distance separating them does not matter”, read the official statement.

In addition, Barcelona’s victory has brought the club known as the Blaugrana to the top of the Spanish League standings. After suffering defeat at the hands of Villarreal, Barcelona is currently in second place with 38 points. They are three points behind Real Madrid, their main rival.

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