Helping Morocco beat Belgium’s Ziyech named Man of the Match
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Helping Morocco beat Belgium’s Ziyech named Man of the Match

In the second round of Group F of the 2022 World Cup group stage, Morocco defeated Belgium, a strong enemy with De Bruyne’s support , 2-0 . The best player in the game.

During Morocco ‘s match against Belgium, Hazard tripped Ziyech while defending in the 45th minute, allowing Morocco to get the ball on the right side of the front field, and Ziyech took the penalty himself to the goal. Agde tried to head. The ball hits the goal but doesn’t touch the ball, but the ball still flies straight into the opponent’s net. However, the referee on duty judged that Agde was offside after reviewing VAR and also interfered with goalkeeper Courtois, so the goal was invalidated.

In the 72nd minute of the second half, Aral was knocked down by Meunier when he got the ball on the left side of the front court, and Morocco got a great opportunity for a set kick. Then Sabiri took the penalty, and the ball bounced in front of the goal and flew into the net, helping Morocco break the deadlock 1-0.

Ziyech assists teammate to score

In the stoppage time of the second half, Hamdallah responded with a long pass from his teammate in the middle of the front field and then ferryed it with a header. After getting the ball, Ziyech immediately scored into the right side of the penalty area and sent a cross. Abhral took advantage of the situation In the end, Morocco beat Belgium 2-0.

It is worth mentioning that although Ziyech​ failed to score in this game, Ziyech can always help his teammates create a great crisis when the team organizes attack opportunities, and the second goal scored by Morocco , is also an assist contributed by Ziyech.

According to the data, the 29-year-old Ziyech scored 2 shots, 3 times over the opposing player, and 2 key passes in this game. He also completed 3 tackles in defense, so he was awarded after the game. Officially named the best player in the game.

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