'He was tired' – Galtier confirms overwork was the main reason for Messi's early departure
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'He was tired' – Galtier confirms overwork was the main reason for Messi's early departure

Argentine star Lionel Messi spooked fans with a suspected injury during Paris Saint-Germain’s Champions League group match against Benfica today. Fortunately, coach Galtier clarified to the media promptly that Messi was fine, and being substituted early was just a precautionary measure.

“Leo is tired,” Galtier told reporters after the game. “He gestured to us a minute or two before being replaced. After the last sprint, he was tired. He was replaced because he was tired and at that point, it would have made more sense to have a new guy.”

According to the statistics of Sofascore, in the 81 minutes on the court, Messi touched the ball 65 times, 2 shots and scored 1 time, However, Messi made a stoppage error in the 78th minute, and many people thought that he felt unwell at that time. 3 minutes later, Messi was substituted by Sarabia and then returned to the locker room for examination accompanied by the team doctor.

Argentine team reporter Gaston Eduer also reassured the public through Twitter, saying that Messi was fine after the inspection, but his muscles were overloaded. Considering that the 2022 World Cup is about to start, the 35-year-old Messi took the initiative to ask to leave the field.

Since the beginning of this season, Messi has always maintained an excellent competitive state and won Galtier’s reliance. In all 13 competitions this season, Argentina has played as a starter, scoring 8 goals and providing 8 assists for Paris Saint-Germain​ .

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