Harden’s inconsistent form, three-time NBA coach Popovich thinks he’ll be gradual
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Harden’s inconsistent form, three-time NBA coach Popovich thinks he’ll be gradual

Since the Philadelphia 76ers started, James Harden, the 33-year-old giant, has been on and off the lineup, raising concerns that Harden’s form will linger like a 76ers slump. However, Greg Popovich, the NBA’s best coach of the year, admires Harden very much and believes that he will gradually adjust to the peak in the middle of the regular season.

Harden has continued to serve as forward Joel Embiid’s partner this season, sharing scoring duties and improving offense on the court. However, Harden’s performance on the court is not stable. He can score up to 30 points in a single game, but he only scored 12 points in the 105-114 defeat to the San Antonio Spurs last week, but he also played an important role. The role contributed 9 rebounds and 12 assists.

Even if Harden’s performance is questionable, Popovich’s admiration and appreciation for Harden as the legendary former San Antonio Spurs coach has only grown. Popovich is quite optimistic about Harden’s prospects and said that when Harden is in good shape, he is definitely a good enough player to be amazing.

Harden's inconsistent form, three-time NBA coach Popovich thinks he'll be gradual

Recently, Popovich even more boldly predicted that Harden will score more than 50 points in a single game in the regular season this season, emphasizing that he is absolutely capable of doing this.

Popovich also recalled Harden’s heyday with the Houston Rockets, noting that the most feared opponent for the Spurs under his leadership at the time was Harden. Harden averaged a career-high 36.1 points and averaged 2 steals in 78 regular-season games for the Rockets in 2018, and won the MVP in the same year.

Now that his career has also been selected for 10 All-Stars, it can be seen that Harden has already occupied an important position in the NBA . And Popovich also added that Harden, who is in the starting state of the season, can play an important role. It is believed that his rhythm and performance on the court are just about to start. It is expected that he will gradually become the main contributor to the 76ers’ victory.

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