Guus Hiddink Praises Park Hang Seo, Supports Vietnam to 2026 World Cup
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Guus Hiddink Praises Park Hang Seo, Supports Vietnam to 2026 World Cup

Guus Hiddink, head coach of the Netherlands, praised Park Hang Seo. The reason is, he succeeded in bringing Vietnam to the final of the 2022 Asian Football Confederation Cup. He claims the coach from South Korea has succeeded in advancing the soccer program in his country.

It is common knowledge that Hiddink served as Park’s associate during his tenure. He was the assistant coach who provided assistance to Hiddink. They took part in this prestigious competition with the Taeguk Warriors team in hopes of setting a record for qualifying for the semifinals.

“I am very happy that one of my assistants, Park Hang Seo, has succeeded in leading the Vietnam national team. I really wish your team all the success in its bid to qualify for the 2026 World Cup. My prediction is that things will get easier. Because the participating teams in the tournament will increase in the United States, Mexico and Canada,” Hiddink said, launching from ZingNews.

Message Guus Hiddink

The Dutch coach then discussed the progress that has been made in Vietnamese football. Individuals who have recently completed their career as a coach and are moving into retirement. He recommended that countries develop strategies. in order to produce soccer if its popularity continues to increase.

Guus Hiddink Praises Park Hang Seo, Supports Vietnam to 2026 World Cup

“It’s difficult for me to evaluate the status of football in a distant country. There are many strategies between clubs and federations to play a role in the development of football and the national team,” said the 76-year-old coach.

“Building a good Olympic team and youth team, you can see players developing fast. Between the ages of 16 and 21 is the right time to start developing young players,” he explained.

Hiddink believes players can become more competitive if there is an ongoing program between federations and clubs. It makes sense that this would increase their chances of playing for a foreign club or pursuing a career in Europe.

“If Vietnamese players are in high demand overseas, then opportunities for personal growth will present themselves. Players who have spent time competing in Europe will quickly get used to the level of competition. This may be able to aid them in their professional endeavors on the global stage” said Hiddink.

Park Hang Seo is already on the right path

It is implied by Hiddink that the state of Vietnam under Park’s control was satisfactory. In addition, since the arrival of the coach in 2017, Vietnam has begun to be able to compete at the ASEAN level, even in Asia.

One of Park’s most memorable accomplishments was leading the Golden Star Warriors to runners-up finish at the U-23 Asian Cup. In addition, he led his squad to the semifinals of the 2018 Asian Games. Shortly thereafter, Park Hang Seo led Vietnam to win the 2018 AFF Cup. And also led Vietnam to win a gold medal at the 2019 AFF Cup. SEA Games.

Additionally, he was the captain of the team that competed in the Asian Cup that year and led them to the quarter-finals of the tournament. He also almost brought Vietnam back to the point where they could win the AFF Cup title.


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