Giroud scores a penalty, ten-man AC Milan beat Sampdoria 2-1
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Giroud scores a penalty, ten-man AC Milan beat Sampdoria 2-1

In the sixth round of the 2022/23 Serie A season, ten-man AC Milan beat Sampdoria 2-1 away.

In the first half, Leon assisted Messias to open the scoring, Djuricic hit the lintel from a long distance, and De Ketelaere’s goal was ruled out. In the second half, Leon was sent off after getting a second yellow card, Djuricic equalized with a header, and Giroud scored a penalty kick that exceeded again.

At present, AC Milan is in second place due to the disadvantage of goal difference, while Sampdoria is ranked 18th in the standings.

first half

The game kicked off at a very fast pace, and AC Milan scored in just 6 minutes: Leon turned to get rid of Bereshinsky and then broke through from the left, Giroud and De Ketella Hai Le passed the ball back, and Leon finally got the ball and assisted Messias with a low shot. In the 11th minute, Djuricic responded with a long shot from outside the penalty area, but he kicked the ball on the crossbar.

In the 20th minute, the Rossoneri had a chance to extend the score to 2-0, but De Ketelaere’s goal was ruled out by VAR: he smashed Leon’s cross into the net with his right shoulder , the referee on duty signaled Giroud to be offside after watching the VAR replay.

In the next 25 minutes, AC Milan’s performance was still remarkable, but Giroud and others still failed to seize the opportunity to score. In the 40th minute, Theo took a corner kick from the right, and Giroud’s header failed to shoot on target. In the 42nd minute, Giroud continued to shoot from the middle of the penalty area, but was successfully resolved by Odero once, and kicked the ball out of the field the other time.

second half

As soon as the second half of the game started, the situation on the field changed: only 34 seconds into the opening, Leon kicked Ferrari in the face with an inverted hook, and he was sent off for the second yellow card. 10 minutes later, Ogello made a cross from the left, and Djuricic scored with a header to tie the score to 1-1 for Sampdoria.

However, in the 64th minute of the game, Gonzalo Villar was ruled a handball foul by VAR, and Milan regained the lead with Giroud’s penalty kick. Since then, neither side has made any achievements, and the Rossoneri will eventually keep the score 2-1 until the end.


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