Giroud scores a penalty as AC Milan beat Dinamo Zagreb 3-1
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Giroud scores a penalty as AC Milan beat Dinamo Zagreb 3-1

In the second round of the Champions League Group E in the 2022/23 season, AC Milan defeated Dinamo Zagreb 3-1 at home.

In the first half, Leon missed a good opportunity to score, and Giroud scored a penalty before halftime. In the second half, Leon assisted Saelemaekers with a header and Poberga came off the bench to score the first goal of Milan’s career. Dinamo Zagreb also pulled a goal back from Olsic.

Currently, the Rossoneri are top of the table, while Dinamo Zagreb is second in the group.

first half

AC Milan made many dangerous situations in the frontcourt at the beginning, but Tonali, Leo, Giroud and others failed to seize the opportunity to score. In the 6th minute, Saelemaekers picked a pass from the right, and Tonali missed a header in the penalty area. A quarter of an hour later, Dias counterattacked and sent a long pass from the right. Leon broke through to the penalty area alone and was blocked by Moharrami.

In the 22nd minute, Bennacer made a long shot from outside the penalty area and was successfully resolved by Livakovic. In the 30th minute, Theo sent a precise cross for Giroud, but the Frenchman’s header was blocked by Livakovic in the lower left corner. In the 33rd minute of the game, Dias made a cross from the right and Dinamo Zagreb was in danger of breaking the goal. Unexpectedly, Leon volleyed from close range and failed to shoot on target.

The Rossoneri’s turnaround came in the 43rd minute: Tomori sent a through ball, Leon had the ball with his back, but was tripped in the penalty area by Sutalo. The referee on duty immediately whistled a penalty kick, and Giroud then opened the scoring with 12 yards.

second half

In the opening stage of the second half, Leon continued his excellent performance: only 51 seconds after returning to the court, and only 51 seconds after returning to the court, he sent a cross from the left to assist Saelemaekers with a close-range header to break the net. However, Dinamo Zagreb responded immediately–in the 56th minute, Orsic made a series of wonderful cooperation with Petkovic from the left and then pushed the goal and scored a goal for Dinamo.

In the final 13 minutes of the game, Poberga, who came on as a substitute for Tonali , sealed the victory for the Rossoneri: he first divided the ball to the left, and then took Teo’s return knock and scored.

After that, neither side made any achievements, and Milan finally kept the score 3-1 until the end to take all three points.


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