Friendly match – Messi scores twice, Argentina beats Honduras 3-0
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Friendly match – Messi scores twice, Argentina beats Honduras 3-0

Argentina beat Honduras 3-0 in their first international friendly in September.

In the first half, Lautaro opened the scoring and Messi scored a penalty before halftime. In the second half, Messi lobbed another goal from the front court, and Enzo shot from a distance to the center post.

first half

Facing Honduras, Argentina dominated the game with an overwhelming stance from the start: only 2 minutes after the start, Papu Gomez took a long shot from the left edge of the penalty area, and the ball hit the crossbar and bounced off the field. In the 8th minute, Molina passed the ball back from the bottom right, but Gomez’s attack was blocked by Maldonado.

In the 16th minute of the game, Argentina relied on Messi’s creativity to score the first goal: he sent a high-quality long pass from the midfield, and Papu Gomez easily assisted Lautaro after getting the ball.

Messi’s creativity was on full display again in first-half stoppage time: after taking the ball from Gomez, he created a chance for Lo Celso with a concealed through ball, forcing Marcelo Santos to foul him. Messi then stood 12 yards and nudged the ball into the bottom right corner with his left foot.

second half

At the opening stage of the second half, Scaloni replaced Lautaro with Alvarez and Almada replaced Pap Gomez. 20 minutes later, he sent Enzo and Neuen, replacing Paredes and Pezelia. Even so, Argentina still scored the third goal in the 68th minute: Seeing Honduras defender Melendez accidentally lose the ball under Enzo’s pressing, Messi immediately completed a shocking lob shot from outside the penalty area, for Argentina to extend the score to 3-0.

Eight minutes before the end, Alvarez sent a cross from the left, but Enzo’s long shot ended up hitting the post.

In the end, Argentina won 3-0, extending the team’s unbeaten record to 34 games (22 wins and 11 draws).


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