French National Team Frustrated! 2 Mainstay Players Missing the 2022 World Cup
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French National Team Frustrated! 2 Mainstay Players Missing the 2022 World Cup

French National Team Frustrated! 2 Mainstay Players Missing the 2022 World Cup

Bad news chanced the French National Team three weeks before the 2022 World Cup. Juventus player, Paul Pogba is verified to be absent from defending the French National Team at the 2022 World Cup. Paul Pogba is absent because his injury is still not getting better.

The French National Team had to give up the loss of two midfield pistols. Where, the player who helped lead them to the title in Russia four times agone. After the former edition, Pogba was an important element for Les Bleus who won the 2018 World Cup.

The main goalkeeper of the French National Team in the 2018 edition, Hugo Lloris revealed that the team will feel lost. He hopes that the trainer will consider other opinions.

” Obviously without Pogba it would be a big loss for the team. The trainer must now be considering other opinions,” said Hugo Lloris

Without Pogba, the French midfield would be without any educated players. The only player who’s relatively’ elderly’ and good is Adrien Rabiot.

Paul Pogba’s Injury

Quoting from RMC Sport, Rafaela Pimenta as Pogba’s agent said that Pogba will miss the 2022 World Cup. Because he has not recovered from injury.

” After the medical examination on Sunday, it’s veritably painful to inform that Paul Pogba still needs recuperation. After performing knee surgery in early September,” said Pimenta.

In September, Paul Pogba eventually chose to go up to the operating table. The procedure is to heal a torn meniscus injury in his knee. Pogba got the injury during a pre-season stint with Juventus in the United States.

After completing the recovery process, Pogba also joined the Juventus team to train. still, according to the Italian Football report, Pogba was injured again during training with Juventus.

The French National Team Wishes the Stylish

France still has about two weeks to determine the names in the final team. Submission of the final team is maximum on November 14, 2022. Until that time, the French National Team can still look for dependable players in the league that’s still ongoing.

Lloris wants to see his teammate can appear again to defend his country. The 35- time-old goalkeeper wishes Pogba the stylish.

“There’s always hoped to see him again. He’s a veritably important player, indeed above the important norms for the team,” said Lloris.


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