Freiburg clinched the third win without any risk, ranking second only to Bayern in the standings
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Freiburg clinched the third win without any risk, ranking second only to Bayern in the standings

In the fourth round of the 2022-2023 Bundesliga , Freiburg and Bochum will compete today. In the end, Freiburg beat Bochum 1-0 at home without any risk, and won the first game since 4 games. With 3 victories, he is currently ranked second in the Bundesliga, second only to Bayern Munich who have won 4 games.

In the first half, Freiburg ‘s 2 strikers both missed the goal. The 28-year-old striker Michael Gregoric rushed into the penalty area and hit the left post to block the shot. The 33-year-old striker and veteran Nils Peterson shot the ball in the attacking box but hit the crossbar and missed the goal.

However, due to the low defensive efficiency of Bochum , the opponent continued to create offensive opportunities. Then in the 48th minute, Freiburg’s 29-year-old midfielder Vincenzo Griffo successfully broke the deadlock. Manuel Liman grabbed a penalty after pulling teammate Roland Saulay, 25, and Griffo easily bypassed the unresponsive defender after a powerful penalty was blocked by Liman. The ball bounced out and shot straight into the net again in front of the goal, successfully scoring the goal to help the team take the lead.

In the end, Bochum was difficult to break through under the defense of Freiburg and lost to Freiburg 0-1. It was the fourth defeat since the 7-0 home defeat to Bayern Munich last weekend. So far, Bochum has suffered a 4-game losing streak without a win and is at the bottom of the Bundesliga standings. As for Freiburg, they won 3 games in 4 games, one of which was lost to the strong Dortmund.

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