Former Spurs general ‘The Demon Knife’ Collage officially inducted into the Hall of Fame
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Former Spurs general ‘The Demon Knife’ Collage officially inducted into the Hall of Fame

Recently released the list of this year’s Smith Basketball Hall of Fame, and the legend who played for the San Antonio Spurs for 16 years-45-year-old Manu Ginobili (nickname: The Demon Knife) was also recommended to win the NBA basketball world’s largest. Honored to enter the Hall of Fame, and a grand ceremony for the Hall of Fame induction ceremony today.

Manu Ginobili joined the Spurs in 2002 to start his NBA career. In the past 16 years, he played for the Spurs and won the best rookie second team, the best sixth man, 2 all-stars, 2 best Third team and 4-time NBA champion.

At the same time, Manu Ginobili was also a general of the Argentina national team, leading the national team to win the 2004 Olympic gold medal, and his name also started internationally. When he was in the NBA Spurs, he also combined with Tim Duncan and Tony Parker as the three giants of GDP, which was an important core for the Spurs to win 4 championships and usher in a prosperous dynasty. After Duncan retired, he was also inducted into the Hall of Fame. This time the Hall of Fame was awarded to Ginobili by Duncan. It is expected that Parker, one of the legends of the Spurs’ Big Three, will also be inducted into the Hall of Fame next year.

The reason why Manu Ginobili is called the “demon knife” is because he created the play style of cutting the guard, is familiar with the whole situation and skillfully avoids the defense to give winning passing and offensive basketball skills. A role model for many NBA players to this day. In addition, Ginobili is also the 5th player in league history to maintain a high shooting rate and at least 18 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists in every 36 minutes of playing. The other 4 are NBA legend Magic Johnson, active Generals LeBron James, James Harden and Nikola Jokic.

Ginobili also thanked everyone on the Spurs during his Hall of Fame induction ceremony, and he also gave credit to the coach who promoted him at the time, Gregg Popovich.

In addition to Manu Ginobili, this year’s NBA Hall of Fame list includes Tim Hardaway, Bob Huggins, Del Harris, George Karl, and the deceased legends Lou Hudson, La Divoy Collage and Larry Costello. In the WNBA, Lindsay Velen, Marianne Stanley, Sven Cash and Theresa Grentz entered the Hall of Fame.

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