Former Premier League player declared bankrupt owing £1m in debt
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Former Premier League player declared bankrupt owing £1m in debt

Jermaine Pennant , a Premier League player who once played for Leeds United, Arsenal, Liverpool, etc. owed a debt of 1 million pounds. The 39-year-old Pennant was ordered bankrupt within one year by the British court.

According to foreign media reports, Pennant’s debt has reached seven figures, so 1 million pounds is the lowest estimate. Pennant owed England’s tax and bank debts, but he borrowed everywhere to repay the debts, and now he could no longer borrow, so he ended up being sued in court.

Originally, Pennant Media Company, founded by Pennant himself, came to collect money to pay off the debt, but in 2020, the company had been dissolved. The mansion he lived in as a player was also forced to move out in 2020. It is said that someone later took over Pennant’s mansion and transformed it into a marijuana field. When the police came to investigate, some people filmed the scene and posted it on social media.

In 2005, Pennant was also arrested for drunk driving after hitting a lamppost. At that time, Pennant was released on parole after 30 days in prison, and then returned to the club to play, but Pennant was fined to stop driving for 16 months.

Pennant’s financial management has problems. In addition, his emotional life is also very rough. He has dated several female models, but there is no result. He was even arrested for domestic violence.

Once Peng Rare was in the most prosperous period of the Premier League , with a weekly salary of 30,000 pounds. Later, he joined the Singapore League and became the highest paid player in the Singapore League. At that time, his weekly salary was as high as 5,000 pounds. However, the money couldn’t keep up with the speed at which Pennant was spending it, so he ended up in bankruptcy.

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