Former Chelsea midfielder Ramirez announces retirement after 16 years as a player
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Former Chelsea midfielder Ramirez announces retirement after 16 years as a player

Former Chelsea midfielder Ramires announced his official retirement from football after parting ways with Palmeiras.

At noon on Wednesday, September 28, Brazilian time, Ramires, 37, stated on Instagram, announcing the end of his 16-year career. “After thinking for a while, I have decided to officially end my career as a professional footballer,” said the former Brazil international. It has been nearly 2 years since he left Palmeiras.

“At this moment, I can only thank God. It is through his training that I can reach the highest level of competition.”

“I am also very grateful to all the clubs I have played for: Joinville, Cruzeiro, Benfica, Chelsea, Jiangsu FC, and Palmeiras, I will always remember you and the fans. I would also like to thank the country of Brazil, they allowed me to play in two World Cups and made my dream come true.”

“Thank you to all the teammates, employees, coaches, and managers I’ve had the privilege of working with. My family, mother, children, siblings, and true friends, thank you so much for your unconditional support over the years, and for all my Cheers for my achievements. You have always been my greatest strength and motivation.”

“I’m going in other directions, with the joy and courage of my childhood – they made me desperate to leave my small town in Rio de Janeiro to conquer the world. Thank you for everything, football!”

Ramires’s career started in 2006. He played for Joinville, Cruzeiro, Benfica, Chelsea, Jiangsu FC and Palmeiras. So far, he has played 494 times and scored 73 goals. A goal and 55 assists. In terms of honor, the Brazilian midfielder has won the Champions League, the Premier League, the Europa League, the FA Cup, and the League Cup with Chelsea, helped Benfica win the Portuguese Super League and the League Cup, won 1 Copa Libertadores and Copa do Brasil with Palmeiras.

For the national team, Ramires played 51 times for the Brazil team, scoring 4 goals and sending 5 assists. As the main team, he won a Confederations Cup championship (2009).


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