First time!! Arsenal Record Best 10-gasbeaszme Premier League Record
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First time!! Arsenal Record Best 10-gasbeaszme Premier League Record

Arsenal Record Best 10-game Premier League Record

Arsenal scored the stylish record in the first 10 games of the season in the Premier League. The record is the first in 136 since the club was innovated. Arsenal managed to bring home the full points when they traveled to Leeds United headquarters at Elland Road.

A narrow 1- 0 palm in the 35th nanosecond made Arsenal comfortable at the top of the standings. This result is the Gunners’ 9th palm in the first 10 matches of the 2022- 2023 Premier League.

Launching from Squawka’s data, this emotional record is the first time since the club was innovated 136 times agone. The London Cannon Team managed to get 27 points from a implicit outside of 30 points at the launch of the season.

The only minor result was when they lost to Manchester United with a score of 1- 3. This achievement is thick from the hard work of Arsenal trainer Mikel Arteta. nearly three times in charge of this North London club. Arteta’s Arsenal with youthful players converted into a competitive platoon.

In hispost-match interview, Arteta said Leeds were a tough opponent and Arsenal merited the palm.

” It’s always veritably busy then. I do not suppose it’s a coexistence to win like this,” said Arteta

Kevin de Bruyne isn’t surprised by Arsenal achievements

Kevin de Bruyne isn’t surprised by Arsenal’s position. As we know, Arsenal’s  is now the leader of the Premier League standings for the 2022-2023 season. Arsenal’s is ranked first in the Premier League standings with 24 points. While De Bruyne’s platoon, Manchester City, are in alternate place with a difference of one point.

Preliminarily, Arteta had been an assistant trainer for Manchester City from 2016 to 2019. Kevin de Bruyne also appreciated Arsenal. For giving Arteta time to make a platoon.

” I am not surprised to see The Gunners now. Obviously, I see parallels between Arsenal’s and Man City’s way of playing, but their style of play is Arteta’s style,” said De Bruyne.


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