FIFA and eFootball’s competitor, UFL delays game release date to 2023..
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FIFA and eFootball’s competitor, UFL delays game release date to 2023..

Eastern European game development company Strikerz Inc. announced on the official Twitter last night that the company’s new football video game UFL, which was scheduled to be officially released this fall, will be delayed until next year, in 2023.

According to the video announcement released by the company’s Ukrainian CEO Eugene Nashilov, the company has released the first gameplay trailer that of the game earlier this year. On behalf of the company’s colleagues, he was grateful for everyone’s overwhelming warm support and feedback.

Nashilov added that the company is committed to maintaining the quality of the company’s internal and external structure or its finished product at the highest level. However due to previously unforeseen circumstances, the game’s release date would have to be delayed until 2023.

Maybe because he knew that potential players will be worried about the situation of game in the future following the announcement, Nashilov did not forget to ease the masses that although it takes a lot of time, money and experience for research and development, UFL has completed 80% of its development process. Players will be expected to see another new video announcement published by himself at the end of this year, where he will reveal new features and gameplay mechanics to players as well as the game’s new official release date.

Nashilov also reempshized that the company promises to maintain UFL as a a completely free top-level football game which players will be absolutely guaranteed of fair competition and a game where players will absolutely enjoy.

UFL is a football video game which is currently being developed by Strikerz Inc. Its gameplay are identical to that of the two industry giants, EA Sports and KONAMI‘s FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer series.

UFL and the above two games will have PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and mobile versions, but it is currently unclear whether it will have a PC version or not. 

Different from FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, UFL will use the Unreal Engine system, which aims to replicate the interior and exterior of a stadium, running, reaction, fans atmosphere, signature goalscoring celebration, animations, player appearances, grass, lighting, climate and etc. as perfectly as possible into the game as possible, so that players have a super realistic feeling of being at the scene themselves.

Since Pro Evolution Soccer was rebranded into the eFootball series, a free-to-play e-sports game which will continue to increase the new game modes in 2021, EA Sports also quickly followed their competitors’ footsteps by unilaterally announcing that the company he will end its 30-year long-term partnership with world’s football governing body FIFA in 2023, and the FIFA series will also be rebranded and return with a new appearance as EA SPORTS FC.

Different from eFootball, EA SPORTS FC will still provide players the same experience as in the previous FIFA series. In terms of gamemodes, FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), Career Mode, Pro Clubs, and VOLTA Street Football will also be included. 

In addition, existing cooperation with the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Major League Soccer will continue.

Another thing in common between UFL, eFootball and EA Sports FC are that the main gamemode of all three games is the ability allow players to set up their own team using in-game real players game cards which have varying attributes values as its flagship gamemode, and that players will compete against the teams built by other players in an overall global table by region to recreate the most authentic footballing competitiveness experiences.

The competition cycle will run for a whole year, and the players who have the most overall wins each year will win the UFL Grand Champions Of The Year awarded by the company.

According to the previous video which Strikerz Inc. has released, UFL will also have ranking and non-ranking modes, and will support offline mode, 2-vs-2 and 3-vs-3 multiplayer modes, as well as  a “Special Event” mode.

Since EA Sports has launched its FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode for FIFA in recent years, the company has continuously made headlines controversially for intentionally increasing the difficulty of the game to induce players spend real-life money to purchase FIFA points in order to exchange for their card packs. 

In order to avoid similar problems, Strikerz Inc. has repeatedly emphasized that UFL will definitely be a game which only Fair-to-Play exists, and its zero tolerance towards Pay-to-Win behaviour as seen in the EA Sports flagship game.

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