FANTASTIC Price! Shopee Owner Buys A Mansion Of NBA Star Stephen Curry
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FANTASTIC Price! Shopee Owner Buys A Mansion Of NBA Star Stephen Curry

According to recent reports, the owner of Shopee is the one who bought the mansion of NBA basketball star Stephen Curry. Forrest Li issued 31.2 million dollars, which is equivalent to about 485 billion rupiah. That’s a fantastic price to own your own home in Silicon Valley.

Media outlet Dirt in the United States reports that Steph Curry has sold his luxurious home in the city of Atherton, California. In June 2019, the Golden State Warriors point guard purchased the home.

Forrest Li, CEO of Sea Group, bought one of Curry’s luxury homes. Sea Group, a technology company that also acts as Shopee’s parent company. And the game company Garena which is famous for its Free Fire game.

Before the crash in technology shares on the stock exchange that sent his assets down, Li was once the richest man in Singapore. However, this position was no longer his. Bloomberg estimates that Li has lost about US$18 billion so far this year.

Shopee Owner Buys NBA Athlete House

According to Dirt, the Li residence can be found at the end of a luxury residential street, hidden from view by a sturdy fence. There are a total of 6 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms in this house. The total is 7,500 square feet (nearly 700 square meters).

Dirt noted that the transactions made by both parties were off market transactions. This means that the luxury home was purchased directly by the Shopee boss from Stephen Curry, without any intermediaries or third parties.

Pictures from several online articles show several corners of the third floor house. The open area serves as a number of different rooms. These include a living room, dining room and gourmet dining kitchen.

FANTASTIC Price! Shopee Owner Buys Luxury House NBA Star Stephen Curry

The structure of the house seems to have lots of air circulation and is covered in translucent glass when viewed from the outside. In short, “open concept” is one of the hallmarks of a Shopee home owner. Therefore, even if you stand outside the house, the owner can still see the room inside.

On the other hand, the interior of the house has a simple and traditional look. The reason is, the entire interior of the house is decorated in calm colors. Such as white, black, gray, and various other neutral color combinations.


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