'Fake news' – Di Maria denies rumours of leaving Juventus
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'Fake news' – Di Maria denies rumours of leaving Juventus

Di Maria will fulfill his contract with Juventus. On October 27, local time, the Argentine said through social media that the news that he was seeking to leave the team in the winter window was nonsense.

“I’m not used to defending lies I read, but now is the time to explain it,” Di Maria said on Instagram. “I don’t know who made up the rumour that I’m leaving in January, the statement you’ve read and heard about my retirement at the Rosario Central was recently released, but it originated in 2007, The day I came to play in Europe for the first time.”

Di Maria’s speech is undoubtedly a response to some media and a clarification of his past remarks. After Juventus​’ 3-4 loss to Benfica on Wednesday, a leaked video of an interview sparked concerns about Di Maria’s prospects for Juve Central’s yearning, “My biggest dream is to go back to Rosario Central. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time – I know it’s not easy, but I love it.”

“Argentine players dream of a future in Europe, and I dream of going back to Rosario.”

After the news of Di Maria’s intention to return to Rosario Central spread, some media began to concoct rumors that the Argentine was seeking a winter window transfer. Di Maria responded indignantly: “This does not mean that I want to leave today, and I will not leave in January next year. Please stop making up lies.”

“I’m very happy to play for this great club and very happy in this city. When I get fit again, I’ll be doing my best for the team, as always.”

Di Maria finally addressed the fans, hoping they wouldn’t believe the rumors: “I like playing football, I don’t like watching games at home. So please don’t believe everything you read because it doesn’t help and only tarnishes my name and the name of the club.”

Di Maria joined Juventus as a free agent this summer, but he only played 7 games for the Bianconeri due to injury, scored 1 goal, and provided 4 assists. His contract with Juventus will expire on June 30 next year.

Source: Live.77577.Live

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