Evra says Maguire is moving in the right direction, gives him full support
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Evra says Maguire is moving in the right direction, gives him full support

Evra spoke about Maguire and the combination of Maguire and Lisandro Martinez in a segment.

For Maguire , Evra said Maguire needs to continue to do his job at Manchester United, he is not a problem in the England team, he played well against West Ham, which may be from the previous break benefit. When faced with pressure, it’s good to be on the bench sometimes, because you can realize what you’ve done wrong, and when you come back, you can be ready.

Evra said that Maguire has grown through this experience and will become a better player. He may have been too comfortable before and sometimes it is difficult to evaluate himself. Yet he is heading in the right direction, and Evra has his full support.

Evra also talked about the Maguire- Lisandro combination, and Evra said it makes a big difference when he’s around a bulldog-like player like Lisandro. People talk a lot about Vidic and Ferdinand but they don’t do so well without each other. So need a fighter and a brainy player.

And that’s what Maguire needs, a player who is faster than him and willing to pay for him. Maguire has a good ball-handling ability, can dribble and has the ability to play the ball. However, he has been criticised for his one-on-one situation, and Lisandro can help and cover him, which could strengthen Maguire’s confidence.

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