Even 100 Matches In The NBA, This Is Zion Williamson Achievement
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Even 100 Matches In The NBA, This Is Zion Williamson Achievement

If it took other elite players two seasons to reach 100 games. Then Zion Williamson will have to play in a combined total of 100 games over the course of four seasons in order to reach that milestone. The fact that he had a shaky beginning due to some injury issues does not negate the accomplishments that he has achieved in his life. Even when compared to Michael Jordan on a number of different records, he was a better performer.

Zion Williamson was able to celebrate his 100th game with a win for the New Orleans Pelicans over the Oklahoma City Thunder. The victory came in Williamson’s milestone game. The final score of this match was 105-101 in favor of the Pelicans, who came out on top to claim victory.

After the conclusion of that game, the player who had been recruited in 2019 went on to break a number of records in the NBA. After participating in one hundred games in the NBA, Zion Williamson has racked up a number of impressive accolades, which are outlined in the following list:

The achievements that Zion Williamson has obtained while playing in the NBA

  1. Second Most for 20 Points in the Paint over 100 Matches
Zion comes in at number two on this particular list because of the criteria applied. Fifty times, Zion scored at least 20 points in the paint. The record for most career records is currently held by Giannis Antetokounmpo. He has scored 80 goals during his career. This lends credibility to the idea that Zion is a leading actor in the critical field. [Critical ball]
Meanwhile, Zion is currently ranked sixth. For making the most attempted free throws in 100 games. This information is collected from NBA.com. The location where Sion recorded 803 different attempts.
  1. Fourth Most Average Points in 100 Matches
Over two years (2020 and 2022), Zion competed in a total of one hundred different events. Zion is currently in fourth place and has a record 20.0 points per game. This puts them in the tally of average points scored.
David Robinson, with an average of 22.5 points scored per contest, is in first place. Michael Jordan, who averaged 21.5 points per contest, took second place. Shaquille O’Neal finished in third place averaging 20.0 points per game. Due to his ability and standing, Zion was in a position to impose his will on key aspects of the situation.

Record in First 100 Games

Even 100 Matches In The NBA, This Is Zion Williamson Achievement
Even 100 Matches In The NBA, This Is Zion Williamson Achievement
  1. Top 10 Most Points in First 100 Matches

It is possible that Zion will be singled out for praise as a result of this record. This is due to the fact that the list includes NBA greats such as Wilt Chamberlain. Oscar Robertson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Elgyn Baylor, and Michael Jordan. Zion was able to sneak its way into the top 10 spots, which came as a complete surprise.

If Wilt Chamberlain scored 3,748 points in 100 games between 1959 and 1961. Then Zion will be in 10th place with a record of 2,524 points in the span from 2020 to 2022. This is assuming that Zion will play in 100 games during that time period.

  1. First Player to Score 25 PPG in 100 Games Since 1976-1977

Zion became the first player in the history of the NBA to do all of the following in his first 100 games. Record 25 points per game, shoot 60 percent from important areas, and win his first 100 games. This accomplishment was accomplished in Zion’s first 100 games.

However, despite all of these impressive accomplishments. It appears that Zion has not received acclaim from people who follow the NBA. As a consequence of this, Zion is in third place among teams that have players who have missed games before reaching a total of 100 games played. To be more specific, the player who was selected to represent the team in the first round of the Draft

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