Europa League | Subdued at home to PSV, the Gunners fall for the first time!
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Europa League | Subdued at home to PSV, the Gunners fall for the first time!

Europa League | Subdued at home to PSV, the Gunners fall for the first time

Arsenal fell 0- 2 by PSV at Philips Stadium on the fifth matchday of Group A of the Europa League, Friday (10/28/2022) early morning WIB. Mikel Arteta thinks Arsenal weren’t sharp enough when they lost to PSV Eindhoven. In fact, the Gunners controlled the game for 90 twinkles. The two winning pretensions for the Dutch representative were born from Joey Veerman and Luuk de Jong in the alternate half.

This result makes Arsenal’s move to the last 16 not safe. The addition of three points makes PSV continue to stick to Arsenal at the top of the standings. PSV collect 10 points are in alternate place two points behind Arsenal. These two brigades will fight for the top spot for a ticket to the last 16 in the last match of Group A.

Arsenal in the match against PSV actually controlled the game. They recorded 70 percent possession of the ball compared to PSV which was only 30 percent. still, the Gunners are less sharp. They could only take three shots on thing from 15 attempts made. While PSV could make five shoot on target from only eight occasions.

Miker Arteta says Arsenal lost

Miker Arteta says Arsenal lost
Mikel Arteta

Arsenal director, Mikel Arteta admits the dullness of the attacking line is the reason his platoon lost in this match. This is an occasion for PSV and of course they take advantage of it.

After falling before, the London Cannon also failed to correct the error.

” Moment, I suppose it was veritably different, from the launch. Although we had a period where we controlled the game. I did not feel that we had the trouble and aggression that we played,” Arteta quoted Arsenal’s website as saying.

” It was fussing. In the alternate half, when effects went awry, we fell and we did not really find the moments to give us hope to reply and get commodity out of the game.”

Europa League: Old Adversary’s part That Arsenal Destroyed PSV

Although he’s no longer laboriously playing football, Ruud van Nistelrooy is still pious to be a shocking specter for Arsenal. Beating Arsenal is no small matter for PSV and Van Nistelrooy. Because the British giant platoon is witnessing a veritably good trend.

In fact, the Gunners were like toothless in front of De Rood- witten. In terms of ball possession and tried shots, the callers were indeed superior. But the hosts appear more effective. Especially in the alternate half where Van Nistelrooy’s intelligence included expert striker Luuk de Jong.

De Jong was directly involved in all of PSV’s winning band with one thing and one help. This result makes Arsenal so can’t confirm themselves. Can they win the 2023 Europa League Group A?

Still, also to get to the last 16 they’ve to go through the play- offs first, If they’re only runners- up. clearly more worrisome because the opponents there are clearly heavier.


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