Erik Ten Hag Challenges Marcus Rashford: Scores 20 goals! | 77577sports
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Erik Ten Hag Challenges Marcus Rashford: Scores 20 goals! | 77577sports

Interesting news came from the coach of the red devil from the Netherlands, Erik Ten Hag. The Manchester United manager gave an open challenge to one of his flagship stars, Marcus Rashford. Rashford is a striker at Man United who had shown a disappointing performance last season. The Englishman has also paid well for the manager’s trust. Where recently he managed to break into Arsenal’s goal twice which became the victory for Man United.

According to The Sun, Erik Ten Hag has a new plan for Rashford, his signature sticker. The reason, he provides an open challenge for the striker recently. What is the content of the challenge? According to the report, Erik Ten Hag has determined that he will rely on Marcus Rashford this season. He believes the 24-year-old player can be a mainstay for his team.

Ten Hag thinks Rashford is a very talented player and believes he can become the new goalscoring machine for Man United. At the moment Ten Hag is focused on helping Rashford develop. This was done so that Rashford could fulfill his potential.

To motivate Rashford and boost his spirits, Erik Ten Hag prepared an open challenge for the player. He wants Rashford to contribute more than 20 goals for United this season. Erik Ten Hag thinks Rashford should be able to reach that number. However, this is a big challenge for Rashford. Throughout his career at Manchester United, he only scored more than 20 goals in one season.

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