Elvira passed the control and scored and Osasuna beat Almería 1-0 to reach the top four in La Liga
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Elvira passed the control and scored and Osasuna beat Almería 1-0 to reach the top four in La Liga

The fifth round of La Liga in the 2022-2023 season ushered in the final battle today. Almeria lost to Osasuna 1-0 at home and won the third defeat, while Osasuna won the fourth game. Into the top four in the La Liga standings.

According to the history of the war between the two sides, Almeria has not won any of the last 4 matches against Osasuna, on the other hand, Osasuna has won 4 consecutive victories. Since the start of the new season, Almeria, who won the top spot in the La Liga last season and was promoted to La Liga, has had a bad start. He has only won 1 game, won 1 draw and 3 losses, ranking 14th in the La Liga standings. name.

As for Osasuna ‘s record of 4 wins and 1 loss this season, it also successfully defeated the strong enemy Sevilla in excellent condition. It can be seen that the power disparity between the two teams will soon be decided in this game.

Osasuna’s 28-year-old striker Eskil Avila received an assist in the 28th minute of the first half with a diagonal pass from a teammate who had dribbled the ball into the left penalty area, and scored a left-footed shot from the center of the penalty area. The bottom corner scored and scored the only goal of the game, leading Osasuna to a 1-0 away victory over Almeria.

At present, Osasuna has won the 4th victory in 5 games, ranking in the top 4 in the La Liga standings, with the same record as Barcelona and Real Betis, but Barcelona ranked second with 13 points, Real Betis surpassed Osasuna ranked third with 8 goals, followed by Real Madrid, who won the La Liga title last season, with 5 consecutive victories.

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