Dortmund regret losing Haaland
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Dortmund regret losing Haaland

Over the past two and a half years, Haaland has become one of the most feared beings in the world. During his time at Dortmund , Haaland scored 86 goals in 89 games . After switching to Manchester City, Haaland scored 12 goals in 8 games , averaging 1.5 goals per game.

Manchester City and Sevilla in the Champions League group stage opener, Haaland scored twice and completed a four-kill streak. Manchester City signed Haaland for just 60 million euros.

Haaland’s excellence is bad news for Dortmund, who regret losing Haaland but have no choice.

Haaland is expected to break the records of Ronaldo and Messi in the future. According to statistics, the 22 -year-old Haaland has scored 25 goals in 20 Champions League games . Messi scored 8 goals in the Champions League at the age of 22 , Cristiano Ronaldo has not scored yet, compared with them, Haaland is obviously slightly better.

Manchester City have always aimed to win the Champions League, losing to Chelsea in 2020-21, but that could change in 2022-23 as they sign Haaland. Striker Owen says Manchester City have plenty of creative players who can create enough chances for Haaland.

Dortmund will play Manchester City in the Champions League this time. Dortmund’s players know Haaland well, but stopping Haaland is another matter.


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