Dortmund has not made any offer to McKennie, Juventus decided to buy out Milik after the season
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Dortmund has not made any offer to McKennie, Juventus decided to buy out Milik after the season

According to “Tortino Sport”, McKenney hopes to join Dortmund, but Dortmund has not yet provided an offer.

According to “Torino Sport”, McKennie can leave Juventus if he receives a suitable offer. Juventus valued McKennie at 30 million euros, a price that Premier League team Bournemouth is willing to pay.

However, McKenney himself has different ideas about his future. He hopes to receive offers from other teams, especially Dortmund . Dortmund are also interested in McKennie, but have yet to make any offers. Aston Villa are also interested in McKennie.

In addition, according to Di Marzio’s official website, Juventus will pay 7 million euros to buy out Milik .

Vlahovic suffered a groin injury before, and Milik was regarded as Vlahovic’s replacement. After Milik joined Juventus on loan from Marseille, he scored 7 goals and scored a free kick lore in the last round of Serie A. He performed well.

Conquering coach Allegri with his outstanding performance, Juventus decided to buy the player from Marseille after the end of the season.

According to Sky Sport Italia, Juventus want to make a financial effort to renew Rabiot’s contract in order to please Allegri.

Rabiot is negotiating a contract extension with Juventus. It is reported that the player’s annual salary requirement is 10 million euros. Juventus are ready to make a financial effort to persuade Rabiot to renew his contract.

Allegri believes that Rabiot is one of the backbone of the team, so Juventus wants to please Allegri. However, Rabiot has always wanted to play in the Premier League. For Rabiot, the Premier League is very attractive.


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