Deal with management and Irving will come back strong
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Deal with management and Irving will come back strong

As the NBA regular season progresses one after another, the Nets and the Mavericks usher in a strong battle, but in the end they have no choice but to lose by two points. It is worth noting that after Irving met with the management, a consensus was reached and mutual understanding was reached, and Irving will return to the Nets in the next game.

In the matchup against the Lone Ranger, Durant missed a free throw at a critical moment in the game, which interrupted his consecutive free throw hit record and caused the Nets to lose a tie. In the end, the Lone Ranger narrowly defeated the Nets by 2 points. The Nets are currently facing a crisis of very short manpower. The team’s top scorer, Joe Harris, is still in the truce. The Nets’ external firepower has suffered a lot. Management needs to sign three players in the short term, so that’s why they decided to bring Irving back to the team.

Irving was previously under the cover of public opinion due to anti-Semitic incidents, and he was still reluctant to apologize for this despite the persuasion of the management. Therefore, the Nets decided to punish Irving with a decision of suspension and salary suspension. It is believed that the return of Irving will make the Nets better able to compete with the top teams in the league, and Durant also has better assistants to share the pressure. At this critical juncture, this is the most appropriate time and the best way for the two sides to ease their conflicts. Finally, look forward to Owen’s more victories for the team in the future!


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