Controversial Penalty for Vietnam VS Malaysia in the 2022 AFF Cup
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Controversial Penalty for Vietnam VS Malaysia in the 2022 AFF Cup

The controversial penalty in the 2022 AFF Cup match between Vietnam vs Malaysia was the result of a fight that broke out between two players. Tuesday night, December 27, at My Dinh Stadium, Vietnam beat Malaysia with a score of 3-0.

The referee, Ryuji Sato, made a decision regarding a controversial penalty that led to one of Vietnam’s goals. The decision sparked controversy. The 59th minute marked when Malaysia had to take the 12th right kick penalty.

When Malaysia tried to catch up and found they had more players, they lost. Because Vietnam started the match with only 10 men after 32 minutes. The Harimau Malaya troops suddenly became the target of an attack on the right flank.

Doan Van Hau, who plays for Vietnam as a left wing-back, receives the ball. He is trying to penetrate deeper into the defense area of Malaysia. Azam Azmi tried to block Van Hau’s steps. Both Van Hau and Azmi both ran and collided with each other on the sidelines.

Azmi grabbed the ball from the air when he was about to leave the playing area. Then, Van Hau collided head-on with Azmi. Both players ended up landing very close to the billboard.

Controversial penalty in Vietnam vs Malaysia match

As the two dismounted, Sato appeared to assess Azmi’s violation of Van Hau’s rules. Television replays made no clear sense of what happened between the two players in the game. On the other hand, Azmi can be seen in the video aiming a shoe at Van Hau’s head.

As a result of this incident, Sato also gave a penalty which was then challenged by the Malaysian players. So far, Malaysian players have been confused by Sato’s decision. After that, the Japanese referee had a chance to talk with the line judge. In addition, he warned Azmi with a red card.

Controversial Penalty for Vietnam VS Malaysia in the 2022 AFF Cup

Sato’s decision regarding violations that occurred outside the field area referred to IFAB regulations. Referring to paragraph 4 of article 12, which discusses violations and mistakes. If a player commits a foul on an opponent outside the playing area, a penalty kick may be awarded. If the incident occurred in the same location as box 16.

Que Ngoc Hai managed to make productive use of Sato’s sentence imposed on him. This eventually became one of Vietnam’s goals in its conflict with Malaysia.


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