Comment on Glory Collection Skin: Nine Heavens
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Comment on Glory Collection Skin: Nine Heavens

Comment on Glory Collection Skin: Nine Heavens

Armor ‘s silver-white aria hits the shelves, and players who have left a glory crystal are blessed this time. However, many players have already exchanged for Guan Yu’s red shadow blast. The handsome uncle who fights on a motorcycle has a cool and novel appearance and special effects.

Nine Heavens

The third Glory Collection skin is Hua Mulan’s “Jiuxiao Shenhui”. The appearance leads the world. She is the goddess of Jiuxiao who controls the sun and the moon. Epee sword form, this skin also has dual forms, the sun form is powerful and capable, and the moon form is light and agile. After being defeated, the black bird falls from the sky. When returning to the city, there will be a picture of the birth of the destiny black bird. Rotating, the voice is like the sound of God’s blessing, the sound effect is the moon as the bell, the sun as the drum, and the justice is awe-inspiring.

The quality of the skin is good. According to the mechanism of Mulan , the skin is designed in two forms, with the theme of the sun and the moon. Unfortunately, the skin is not common in the canyon. Like Guan Yu, she is also a popular fighter in high-end rounds. She is difficult to operate. The players who can exchange crystals for skins should only be the masters who often recharge. .

Mulan has a lot of skin

Previously, the appearance rate was extremely high. In the seven years since the game was launched, Tianmei also designed seven skins for him, namely the companion skin “Sword Dancer”, the brave skin “Bunny Girl”, the black festival skin “Crystal Dragon Hunter”, limited The skin “Youth Final Season”, the FMVP skin “Champion Flying General”, the Year of the Pig limited skin “Rui Lin Zhi”, the Valentine’s Day limited skin “Tacit Confrontation” and the glory collection “Jiu Xiao Shen Hui”.

The most cost-effective is the free exchange Crystal Dragon Hunter

Leaving aside the accompanying skins, each of which is a boutique, the most cost-effective is the Crystal Dragon Hunter, which was once open to exchange with fragments. Zero krypton players won the official free distribution of bunny girls through the event, and the rest of the limited skins. It is always listed in the top three, and I have tried returning to the game several times. Players who like campus style will choose baseball style, and players who like future style will be interested in Valentine’s Day skin, but this skin has almost become an out-of-print skin. Seeing the great gods show off, they disappeared without a trace. From this point of view, everyone really can’t find a reason to exchange for Mulan’s Glory Collection.


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