Chelsea’s American owner Todd Boehly blasted over ‘demanding Premier League version All-Star Games’ remarks..
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Chelsea’s American owner Todd Boehly blasted over ‘demanding Premier League version All-Star Games’ remarks..

One remark stirred up a thousand waves! Chelsea’s new American owner Todd Boehly, who has been extremely active recently, was roundly criticised by former players and a current head coach for his arrogant remark of “demanding to have a Premier League version of All-Star Game” on Tuesday.


Boehly mentioned such controversial comments in an interview on Tuesday explaining the reasons behind former head coach Thomas Tuchel’s firing, but he suddenly used the NFL as an example for no reason and call on Premier League clubs to emulate the management and money-making philosophy of American sports enterprise, and he even boldly mentioned that he wants to have a Premier League version of the All-Star Game composed of elite players from the North and South regions of all the participating Premier League clubs.

Regarding Boehly’s arrogant remarks, Liverpool head coach Jürgen Klopp unceremoniously satirized the other American by asking him “whether they plan to invite the famous American free-style street basketball team, Harlem Globetrotters to help increase publicity”, and did not forget to poke fun and Boehly reminding him to  “be sure to call him when you have set a date and the plan has came true.”

Klopp joked that he couldn’t believe Boehly dared to make such absurd remarks because European football does not have the privilege that allow players to  be able to do other things while enjoying a four month break, and playing an All-Star Game is no different than playing an international fixture.

After that, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher, two resident pundits of Sky Sports, also voiced their dissatisfcation over Boehly’s remarks.

Gary Neville hit out that American capitalists are shameful for wanting to overhaul the British football business model without even understanding the European football model first with their never-ending outlandish ideas.

Jamie Carragher also chimed in and added that Boehly had actually only been in business for six weeks after he took over Chelsea, but he was already disregarding the culture of the locals by pointing fingers at how the world-renowned Premier League’s business model should be run. He felt that Boehly’is unscrupulous remarks further highlighted how arrogant he was.

The legendary French striker Thierry Henry, who was also a guest on the programme, did not hold back his anger either and said that European football does not operate in the same way as American sports, so he thinks Boehly’s remarks are very selfish.

In addition, Gary Lineker, who is currently the resident pundit of the BBC, also sarcastically said, “There is already an All-Star Game in the footballiing world, and its name is the international fixture.”

In fact, fans from outside the American regions also hated Boehly’s remarks. On major social media platforms, there are continuous criticisms of Boehly for being too arrogant. There are also radical fans who call on the British government and the English Football Association to introduce regulators to prevent American capital from taking over Premier League clubs in order to stop them from practicing such a barbaric idea.



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