Chelsea vs Manchester City results: Score 0-1, The Citizens Paste Arsenal!
Football Premier League

Chelsea vs Manchester City results: Score 0-1, The Citizens Paste Arsenal!

The results of the 2022-2023 Premier League match, Chelsea vs Manchester City were revealed on Friday morning (6/1/2023) WIB. A few weeks ago, Manchester City achieved the same level of success in the Carabao Cup. They were able to win over Chelsea. This time, the two teams faced each other during Week 19 of the 2022/2023 Premier League season.
At Stamford Bridge, Friday (6/1/2023) WIB, Manchester City added a one-goal win over Chelsea. Riyad Mahrez scored the only goal of the match in the 63rd minute.
At the start of the match, Chelsea experienced its own difficulties. Because Raheem Sterling and Christian Pulisic both picked up injuries shortly after the game started. Two substitutions were required in the first 22 minutes.

After suffering defeat, Chelsea are now in 10th place with 25 points for their hard work. With 39 points, Manchester City maintained its position as runners-up.

Match path between Chelsea vs Manchester City

The first round was marked by a fierce battle throughout its entire length. However, Chelsea, who played in front of their own supporters, had to defend more often than their opponents.
In this match, the defense played by Chelsea deserves a thumbs up. Even though they had more control of the ball, Man City could only threaten from outside the penalty box.
Erling Haaland had the first shot from the penalty spot in the 37th minute of the game but his effort was blocked and the ball went out of play.
While this was happening, Chelsea’s offense was a little lackluster. Except for the opportunity created by Hakim Ziyech in the 24th minute, the attackers had difficulty posing a threat.
Carney Chukmwuemeka, who just entered, represents an even greater danger (2). Unfortunately, the first two kicks missed the target.

Second round

Chelsea vs Manchester City results: Score 0-1, The Citizens Paste Arsenal!

The start of the second half saw the first proactive substitution made by Man City. Coach brought on Rico Lewis and Manuel just before kick-off. 60 minutes passed, and finally it was Riyad Mahrez and Jack Grealish’s turn to enter the game.
The draw was broken in the 63rd minute by combined efforts from the last two players to enter the game. Mahrez gave a warm welcome to Grealish’s low cross.
In the 72nd minute, Kevin de Bruyne and Haaland almost added to Man City’s advantage by scoring goals together for the team. There was still too much distance between Haaland’s head and de Bruyne’s pass.
The second half of Chelsea’s game saw almost no meaningful attacks from their opponents. The best opportunities created came in the final minutes of the game. When entering the penalty box, Lewis Hall, who had overlapped on the left side, decided to shoot in a direct direction. The shot misses, but bounces, drawing the score to a draw.

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