Chelsea coach Graham Potter is in danger of being fired🙄, Here’s Why 🔥 1
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Chelsea coach Graham Potter is in danger of being fired🙄, Here’s Why 🔥 1

Chelsea coach Graham Potter is in danger of being fired. Premier League 2022/23, Chelsea reap defeat from Manchester City. The defeat this time added to Chelsea’s negative trend, namely consecutive defeats.
Chris Sutton, who has played for Chelsea in the past, has expressed his belief. He said that the club could sack Chelsea coach Graham Potter in the near future. If the Blues’ game doesn’t improve.
At Stamford Bridge, early Friday (6/1/2023), Chelsea lost to Manchester City with a score of 0-1. Riyad Mahrez’s only goal caused the Blues to lose. As a result, Chelsea’s poor performance in the Premier League so far this season has not improved. The Blues have only one win in the last eight games in this competition.

Manchester City have prevented Chelsea from making any progress towards the top half of the Premier League table. They have amassed a total of 25 points so far. Dimanna which puts them in 10th place at the moment.

Chelsea coach Graham Potter could be sacked

Potter replaced Thomas Tuchel at the start of this season. Sutton was under the impression that Potter could meet the same end. If he is not able to improve the performance of his team.
“I don’t see Graham Potter sticking around for very long. If things don’t go in the right direction soon for him,” Sutton stated on BBC Radio 5 Live.
“I believe that a lot of Chelsea fans have made up their minds about him. And I don’t think that will change any time soon.”
Sutton observed Chelsea’s performance under Potter’s auspices was not very impressive. Therefore, Potter must immediately turn things around. He went on to say that having just one win out of eight in the Premier League is unacceptable.
“They are a long way from fourth, and they need to be in top form to make up for that. Do you think it’s possible that Chelsea can go into a season scoring 20 goals? Are they going to just throw in the towel and call it a night?
Chelsea coach Graham Potter is in danger of being fired🙄, Here's Why 🔥
Sutton believed Potter didn’t have much time left to help his protege improve their grades. after suffering defeat at the hands of Manchester City.
“At Brighton, I realized that his team struggles to score sometimes. Then suddenly it happens, but he still has time there,” he continued.
“There are different perspectives he can build on. You don’t have time to build at Chelsea, and neither did the previous manager.

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