Champions League – Barcelona draws 3-3 with Inter Milan, basically no hope of advancing to the last 16
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Champions League – Barcelona draws 3-3 with Inter Milan, basically no hope of advancing to the last 16

In the fourth round of the Champions League Group C in the 2022/23 season, Barcelona drew 3-3 at home with Inter Milan, and it may become an extravagant hope to advance to the top 16.

In the first half, Dzeko hit the crossbar and Roberto assisted Dembele to open the scoring. In the second half, Barella, Lautaro, and Gosens scored successively to complete the reversal, and Lewandowski scored twice to achieve a draw.

At the end of the game, Barcelona had 1 win, 1 draw and 2 losses with only 4 points, ranking third in Group C. Inter Milan rose to second place in the group with a 3-point advantage, and they only need to win their next victory to qualify.

first half

Facing Inter Milan, Barcelona took control of the game with an oppressive attitude as soon as the game started: only 7 minutes after the start, Dembele made a cross from the left, but Gavi’s attack was successfully resolved by Onana. In the 9th minute, Rafinha made a cross from the right corner, and Lewandowski headed the goal and was cleared by Mkhitaryan.

In the 23rd minute, Rafinha made a free kick in the frontcourt, and Lewandowski failed to hit the header again. In the next 7 minutes, Dembele, Alonso, and Roberto each tested the Inter defense line with long shots, but none of them hit. In the 39th minute, Dembele’s long-range shot was blocked by Bastoni, and Pedri’s supplementary shot was blocked by Onana.

The deadlock on the field was not broken until the 40th minute: Roberto made a cross from the right side of the penalty area, and Dembele scored with his left foot from close range, 1-0.

It is worth mentioning that although Inter Milan was at a disadvantage in the first half, they also had two chances to change the situation. Once in the 6th minute, Lautaro broke into the penalty area and volleyed the goal, but the ball hit the side net and bounced off the field. The other time was in the 17th minute, when Dzeko hit the crossbar with a close-range pad, and Barcelona narrowly escaped.

second half

At the opening stage of the second half, the confrontation between Barcelona and Inter Milan turned for the better: in the 50th minute, Pique watched Bastoni pass from the left, and finally let Barella score with his left foot unguarded, 1-1.

​Barella’s goal boosted the morale of his teammates and they began to exchange counter-attacks with Barcelona. In the 56th minute, DiMarco made a cross from the left, but Dzeko shot from a small angle but was blocked by Gavi. 1 minute later, Skriniar’s header was bravely resolved by Ter Stegen, and Calhanoglu and Lautaro failed to score.

Until the 63rd minute, Calhanoglu cut off Busquets’ pass and sent a long pass from the right side. Lautaro stopped the ball in the chest in the penalty area, swayed Eric Garcia, and finally shot with his right foot, 2 to 1.

In the last 8 minutes of the game, Lewandowski finally scored for Barcelona: Dembele made a cross from the left, and the Pole’s header failed and then shot into the net. Unexpectedly, 7 minutes later, Lautaro passed the ball through the defensive gap between Pique and De Jong, and assisted Gosens volleyed at the far end, 3-1.

Inter Milan had a chance to take three points from Camp Nou, but Lewandowski headed home in stoppage time to equalize for Barcelona. Asllani then nearly scored with Lautaro’s assist, only to be blocked by Ter Stegen with his leg.


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