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Poland captain misses first penalty kick, World Cup goal dream shatters, draws goalless draw with Mexico

Today , Mexico and Poland in the second round of Group C of the World Cup in Qatar started a confrontation, but the performance of the two teams was disappointing, and the campaign ended with a goalless score of 0-0. The most regrettable thing is that Poland’s 34-year-old gold medal striker Robert Lewandowski missed a penalty kick and […]

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English Football Association confirms United Kingdom and Ireland joint EURO 2028 bid dossier submit and reveals 14 host stadiums..

The English Football Association, together with the Scottish Football Association, the Northern Ireland Football Association, the Irish Football Association and the Welsh Football Association, officially announced that they had submitted preliminary documents for the United Kingdom and Ireland’s joint EURO 2028 bid doessier on Wednesday, including a list of 14 host stadiums.           […]

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