Carvalhal replaces Coudet as Celta coach
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Carvalhal replaces Coudet as Celta coach

Real Celta Vigo in La Liga has announced that it has parted ways with coach Eduardo Coudet. The Argentine will be replaced by Carlos Carvalhal, who is under contract until June 2014.

Eduardo Coudet

Eduardo Coudet has been Celta’s coach since November 2020, with a three-year contract extension at the end of the season. Celta had a poor start to the season and is currently 16th in the standings with 3 wins, 2 draws, and 7 losses.

However, for Celta executives, the reason for the breakup is more of some differences at the competitive level between the two sides. The arrival of Campos caused the conflict between the two sides to intensify, and the team’s 5-game losing streak became the last straw for Coudet’s dismissal. Three days after Celta ‘s 3-1 loss to Almeria, the club informed Coudet that he had been sacked without his knowledge.

“It wasn’t my intention to leave”

Coudet was shocked to learn of his dismissal. He said at a press conference that leaving Celta was not the decision he expected. “I was surprised. I was very clear about my determination to win. I thought we would continue to play until the offseason came.”

“We’re the team with the biggest roster change, losing six starters…We’re not off to the best start, but we’re on the same points as last year. That’s not an excuse,” Coudet said.

Coudet was also hurt by his dismissal from Celta. He tearfully said: “Since the club has made a decision, although I never expected it, I respect it. I think I lived up to the club, but I didn’t expect to be fired for the first time in 8 years. I am very excited because It was not my will to leave.”

Carlos Carvalhal

Real Vigo Celta’s new boss has been identified as Carlos Carvalhal, who is close to the club’s football advisor Campos. Carvalhal is 56 years old. Before coaching Celta, he was the coach of Braga, Besiktas, Sheffield Wednesday, Swansea and other teams. He has rich independent coaching qualifications.

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