Carragher thinks Liverpool’s signing of Gakpo is a good deal
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Carragher thinks Liverpool’s signing of Gakpo is a good deal

In a recent interview with sports media, Liverpool star Carragher shared his views on Liverpool’s signing of Gakpo from the Netherlands.

Carragher said in the interview, “I think Liverpool really need this deal now, which is why I asked Liverpool coach Klopp this question before. Diaz’s injury is a big problem, let’s see With the statistics Gakpo has achieved in the Netherlands, you will be looking forward to what kind of performance and statistics he will have in the Premier League.”

“But of course, we all know that the Eredivisie and the Premier League are not at the same level, and some players from the Eredivisie are not playing at the same level.”

Gakpo poised to make his debut

In addition, Liverpool will go away to challenge Brentford, currently ranked 10th in the standings, in tomorrow’s 18th round of the Premier League , and the 23-year-old Gakpo is also expected to make his debut .

Carragher continued to point out, “If you look at Chamberlain playing on the left side of Liverpool​ , this is not his position. There are not enough options on the bench for Liverpool. I think Diaz may still need to miss 2 to 3 months. Not coming back that soon, so I think it’s a great deal.”

In addition, Carragher was also surprised by Gakpo’ transfer fee. “I thought his transfer fee would be high, especially Anthony, they are similar players. You think about what will happen next season, when Diaz is back. He and Gakpo are both It’s on the left but they can be swapped too, if the team can’t have all the players in the frontcourt coexist in the future, then maybe one of the players will be sold, but I think it’s great to sign Gakpo decisions and transactions.”


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