Captain Reus finalized the rate Dortmund won the winning streak and temporarily topped the Bundesliga
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Captain Reus finalized the rate Dortmund won the winning streak and temporarily topped the Bundesliga

The fifth round of the Bundesliga of the 2022-2023 season kicks off today. The home team of Dortmund will compete with the visiting team Hoffenheim. In the end, Dortmund beat Hoffenheim 1-0 at home, maintaining a record of 4 wins and 1 loss. Temporarily topped the Bundesliga standings.

The offensive end of the two teams was evenly matched in this game, but Dortmund took the lead in the first half. In the 16th minute, the 18-year-old recruit Gitens made a cross from outside the penalty area on the left to the 26-year-old who was standing on the penalty spot on the right. Field Julian Brandt.

Brandt then acted unhurriedly when intercepting the ball and quickly raised his right foot to bounce the ball and pass it straight to Marco Rowe, the 33-year-old midfielder and team captain who rushed into the middle of the penalty area from the left. is.

Reus shot in front of the goal under the siege of two defenders, and the ball leaped to the center of the goal net, giving Dortmund the lead. After that, the two sides fought hard to separate. In the end, Hoffenheim still had no chance to counterattack and equalize the score. They lost to Dortmund 0-1, swallowing their second defeat and ending their three-game winning streak.

And Dortmund lost to Werder Bremen 2-3 in the third round of the league after two consecutive victories at the start, and then won two consecutive victories in the next two games, and currently has 4 wins and 1 in the standings. The losing record is temporarily ranked first with 12 points.

However, Dortmund’s 8 goals are not as good as Bayern Munich’s 12 goals in the Bundesliga. Bayern currently ranks second with a record of 1 draw and 3 wins. If they win the Bundesliga in the fifth round, Dortmund will hand over the top spot to the strong team Bayern.

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