Brutal!! Lionel Messi Insulted, Argentinian Fans VS Mexican Fans Clash at the 2022 World Cup
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Brutal!! Lionel Messi Insulted, Argentinian Fans VS Mexican Fans Clash at the 2022 World Cup

Brutal!! Lionel Messi Insulted, Argentinian Fans VS Mexican Fans Clash at the 2022 World Cup

Following an insult directed at Lionel Messi, Argentine supporters vs Mexican supporters got into a fight. Messi’s yells of “Damn” in the fan zone of the Qatar 2022 World Cup became the catalyst for this.

After shouting “fucking Messi,” Argentine supporters confronted Mexican supporters in the Fan Zone in Qatar, leading to a brawl. Wednesday night at Al Bidda Park in Doha, Qatar, the atmosphere in the Fan Zone was very tense. after it was witnessed that a Mexican fan had insulted an Argentine superstar. Ahead of Saturday’s Group C matchup between Argentina and Mexico in Qatar, supporters of both teams made their way to the country.

Concerns have been raised since Qatar authorities appear to have been absent from the tensions. During the scuffles, several people sustained minor injuries to themselves. The unsettling scene unfolded just one day after Saudi Arabia triumphed over Argentina 2-1 in a soccer match. This has got to go down as one of the biggest surprises in the history of the World Cup.

One of the pre-tournament favorites, the squad that Lionel Messi plays for. However, the Saudis scored a goal in the second half, which turned the tide of the match. Argentina would be in danger of being eliminated from the competition if it suffered a second defeat. And the tension in Al Bidda Park can be felt with the naked eye. After a video was posted online showing a group of Mexican fans chanting “the fucking Messi,”

Lionel Messi insulted, fans clash

Twitter videos show various supporter groups engaging in violent conflict with one another. A Mexican journalist named Omar Nino was present at the scene, and he reported that several spectators required medical attention for relatively minor injuries. This is the most serious issue with the crowd that we’ve seen so far in Qatar.

Since their unexpected victory, Saudi fans have been seen engaging in banter with Argentinian fans. A video was taken of a group of supporters engaging in the infamous “Siuuu” celebration in opposition to Messi’s competitor Cristiano Ronaldo. And yet another Saudi supporter became famous after he asked a question to a Korean TV reporter outside the stadium and the exchange was caught on camera.

“Please excuse me, but where is Messi? Could I ask you a question? Ask all 88,000 people, where Messi is.”

Earlier this year, the 35-year-old player acknowledged that it was likely that Qatar would be his final World Cup. Argentina’s opening loss was even more shocking, as it brought an end to their unbeaten run that had lasted since July 2019. Fans of Brazil, who were rooting for their country’s South American competitors, also expressed their joy at their team’s defeat.


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