Bruno Fernandes: Everyone is happy with Garnacho’s goal
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Bruno Fernandes: Everyone is happy with Garnacho’s goal

“Red Devils” Manchester United defeated Real Sociedad 1-0 in the earlier UEFA Europa League group stage with a goal from Argentina’s teenager Garnacho. It is worth mentioning that this is the first goal of the 18-year-old Garnacho after joining Manchester United, and it was also a goal assisted by the idol Ronaldo.

In the process between Manchester United and Real Sociedad, Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea kicked the ball from the backcourt to the direction of Bruno Fernandes , and then Bruno Fernandez ferried to the middle with a header. After receiving the ball, Ronaldo sent a through ball for the 18-year-old Garnacho to catch the ball. After reaching the penalty area, he hit a shot and helped Manchester United take a 1-0 lead.

After scoring the goal, Garnacho​ also imitated the way his idol Cristiano Ronaldo celebrated the goal.

Ten Hag also warned Ghanacho to change his attitude

In an interview with the media after the game, Bruno Fernandez did not forget to congratulate his young teammates for scoring, and said that this was the result of Garnacho’s continuous efforts.

Bruno Fernandez said in an interview, “Garnacho is doing well and he knows that the expectations and performances of him are high. He is still very young, but he was not at his best at the beginning of the season. . During the pre-season tour, he didn’t show the best attitude he should have, which is why he didn’t get too many performance opportunities.” Earlier, Manchester United coach Ten Hag also said that Ghanacho needs Raise your attitude.

Bruno Fernandez also said, “Garnacho’s attitude and performance during training have become better, allowing him to win the opportunity to perform. He didn’t get the opportunity before because his training and mental state were not good enough, he has changed now. That, and each of us is happy that he scored.


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