Brozovic scored at the end, Inter Milan beat Torino 1-0 at home
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Brozovic scored at the end, Inter Milan beat Torino 1-0 at home

In the sixth round of the 2022/23 Serie A season, Inter Milan defeated Turin 1-0 at home.

Throughout the game, the Nerazzurri had few chances, and Handanovic made 7 saves to keep the goal intact. Brozovic scored in the 89th minute to seal the victory for the team.

At present, Inter Milan is temporarily at the top of the table with the advantage of goal difference, and Torino is ranked 7th in the standings.

first half

In the entire first half, Inter Milan only had 5 shots from outside the penalty area, and did not record a shot on target. In contrast, Torino poses an even greater threat to Inter Milan: in the 20th minute, Vlasic swayed Skriniar and Barrera in a row and then shot with his feet, but Handanovic was fortunate enough Block with your legs or they will lead the Nerazzurri by a goal.

second half

Only 10 seconds into the second half, Brozovic lost the ball under the pressure of Linetti, and Torino got an excellent opportunity to counterattack – if it wasn’t for Wojvoda’s shot passing by, Torino Could have taken the lead quickly.

In the next 25 minutes, Turin had an absolute advantage in both the scene and the number of shots, but Handanovic made the game deadlock with a wonderful save: In the 57th minute, Ricardo Rodriguez took a free kick directly. Attacking the goal, Handanovic fell to the ground in time to complete the clearance. In the 61st minute, Lineetti faced the goal with a side hook, only to be turned away by Handanovic. In the 66th and 69th minutes, Vlasic shot consecutive shots from the middle of the penalty area, both of which were successfully resolved by Handanovic.

In the final 20 minutes of the game, Inter Milan took advantage of Turin’s exhaustion to counterattack, and finally scored in the 89th minute: when it was, Barrera picked a pass from the top of the arc to the penalty area, and Brozovic From the right of the penalty area, volley the ball into the far corner to score. Relying on Brozovic’s only goal before the end, Inter Milan finally won a thrilling 1-0 score.


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