Betis beat Osasuna to top La Liga table
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Betis beat Osasuna to top La Liga table

The 2022-2023 La Liga season is now in its third round, and Real Betis have had a perfect start in La Liga, and won their third consecutive victory with a 1-0 home win over Osasuna today. , topped the La Liga standings.

In the history of the battle between Real Betis and Osasuna, Betis won 8 games and 1 draw last season, which shows that Betis is better in terms of strength. Before today’s battle, many people in the outside world speculated that Betis would defeat Osasuna.

Sure enough, Osasuna’s inability to improve offensive efficiency due to Osasuna ‘s weak defensive ability on the wing and low ball-handling effectiveness gave Betis an opportunity. In the 34th minute of the first half, 29-year-old striker Borja I Glacias scored a goal with his left foot in the penalty area, laying the foundation for Betis’ victory in this game.

Although Betis’ 31-year-old Argentine defender Herman Pezzella fouled Osasuna’s 22-year-old defender Manuel Sanchez de la Peña in the 73rd minute of the second half and was given a red card by the referee End, but this did not affect the situation of Betis. Finally beat Osasuna 1-0.

However, Betis did not score 3 to 5 goals to win as the outside world accurately guessed. The main reason is probably because several players in Betis coach Manuel Pellegrini’s lineup were injured. It is also possible that Osasuna’s morale was high under the winning streak in the first two games, which further threatened Betis’ attack on the field.

And Betis’ victory today is due to the powerful striker Iglesias. Since the start of the new La Liga season, it has been the striker’s 4th goal in a row, helping Betis set a new record in La Liga. Be at the top of the La Liga standings.


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