Benzema announces withdrawal from France national team
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Benzema announces withdrawal from France national team

Benzema announced on social media on December 20 that he will retire from the French national team.

He posted a photo of himself wearing the France national team jersey and wrote: I made mistakes and worked hard to get to where I am today, and I am proud of it. I wrote my story, and ours is over.

Benzema made his national first-team debut in 2007 but has so far made 97 appearances for France , scoring 37 goals.

Benzema was arrested by the police in 2015 for allegedly blackmailing his national team teammate Valbuena. He was expelled from the national team in December of the same year and banned from being selected for the national team indefinitely. He returned to the national team again in May 2021. He was also included in the 26 -man squad for the World Cup . However, he left Qatar due to injury before the start of the tournament. Benzema has been injured and participated in Real Madrid’s training before France’s semi-final, but France coach Didier Deschamps did not want to talk about his return to the team.

Journalist Romain Molina exposed the internal situation of the French team on Youtube.

The reporter said that Lloris and Griezmann were very happy after Benzema was out of the World Cup due to injury, because they regarded the French team as their team and themselves as the leader of the team.

The reporter said that Giroud had no problem with Benzema. He even wanted to start with Benzema as a striker partner. It was Lloris and Griezmann who were unwilling to accept Benzema’s return for the leadership position.

“People from the French Football Association once said after the 2021 European Cup: ‘If there is any problem, it can be blamed on Benzema'”, the reporter said that the French Football Association lacks concern for football, and they care more about power and money.


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