Becoming the flagship at IIS, this is the main target of Komang Ayu Cahya Dewi | 77577sports
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Becoming the flagship at IIS, this is the main target of Komang Ayu Cahya Dewi | 77577sports

Becoming the flagship at IIS, this is the main target of Komang Ayu Cahya Dewi | 77577sports

The Indonesian women’s pair, Komang Ayu Cahya Dewi, is the first seed in the Indonesia International Series (IIS) 2022. The ISS starts on Tuesday 20 September 2022 in Yogyakarta. With this status, Ayu Cahya is increasingly unlucky to achieve stylish results. The reason is, in order to achieve the target of ranking in the top 70.

As is known, Indonesia will host two transnational events. Indonesia International Series 2022 and Indonesia International Challenge (IIC) 2022. The first IIS 2022 will be held on 20-25 September 2022 at the Among Rogo Sports Building (GOR), Yogyakarta.

Komang Ayu Cahya Dewi did a bye to directly qualify for the alternative round in the event. The runners-up Bahrain International Series 2021 will face off against the winner. Winners from Taiwan, Gin Tzu-Yun and Yasnita Enggira Setiawan (Indonesia). The athlete from Bali, who is now ranked 100 in the world, hopes to achieve stylish results at IIS 2022. He wants to boost his ranking to the top 70 in the world.

“No I’mw in the 100th rank and I hope to be in the 70s.” said Komang, from the sanctioned PBSI statement.

still, Komang Ayu Cahya Dewi didn’t deny that there was pressure on her. Especially with its status as the first seed at IIS 2022. Still, Komang Ayu Cahya Dewi didn’t take the pressure as a burden. He’ll try to stay comfortable with his game when appearing in front of the public himself.

Komang Ayu Cahya Dewi will play without burden

” There must be pressure because there must be a sense of wanting to win as well as proving it. But I do not make it a burden. I try to keep enjoying it,” explained the athlete who was born in Denpasar on October 21, 2002.

” On the other hand, I’m veritably happy that there’s a badminton event in Jogja. I hope I can give my stylish, because this is my first match in the country after I was at the public training,” Komang added.

Becoming the flagship at IIS, this is the main target of Komang Ayu Cahya Dewi | 77577sports
Komang Ayu Cahya Dewi

Down in the International Series position event, Komang has good capital. Because in 2022, he has become an option to appear in several events. Of course with a much more advanced position such as Badminton Asia Crowns 2022, Uber Cup 2022 to Chinese Taipei Open which is in Super 300 position.

Launching from PBSI, Tournament Chair and Referee Mimi Irawan said there will be 214 athletes from 11 countries who will take part in the two events. Besides Indonesia as the host, this event will also present badminton players from Australia, Austria, Estonia, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, and the United States. From Austria, there is one badminton player who will appear in IIS and IIC by carrying Indonesian style and attributes. He’s Armin Sarosi.

Australian Badminton with Original Wisdom

This was verified directly by a member of the Board of the Badminton World Federation (BWF) from Indonesia, Bambang Rudianto, through his tweet on Twitter, Saturday (17/09/22). Armin Sarosi, who will appear to represent his country, is a player fostered by one of the country’s legends, Candra Wijaya. Candra Wijaya owns a badminton club called Candra Wijaya Badminton Center.

This club has also been the training ground for Malaysian mixed doubles, Goh Soon Huat/ Shevon Jemie Lai. Armin Sarosi will further bring Indonesian nuances to the two events in Yogyakarta thanks to the combat outfit he’ll use.


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