Become the backbone of Vietnam Open 2022, Tommy Sugiarto loses
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Become the backbone of Vietnam Open 2022, Tommy Sugiarto loses

Become the backbone of Vietnam Open 2022, Tommy Sugiarto loses

Tommy Sugiarto was forced to lift his wallet beforehand after falling in the first round of the 2022 Vietnam Open. Even though Tommy is the only manly mates seed from Indonesia. The men’s mates, who’s the fourth seed, failed to advance to the last 16 of the Vietnam Open 2022. Sankar Muthusamy, the representative of Thailand, succeeded in repatriating Indonesian representatives on Wednesday (28/09/22).

Player Tommy Sugiarto had to give up losing in the rubber game to S. Sankar Muthusamy. Their match took place in Ho Chi Minh City with a score of 21- 14, 20. At the morning of the first game, Tommy Sugiarto had a veritably delicate time against India’s men’s mates.

Still, Tommy was suitable to prove his class by starting to rise at 7- 4 position over his opponent. Tommy indeed further accelerated his pursuit of points with a position of 17- 12. Tommy Sugiarto managed to keep the Danish Mates in Power until the end of the first game of the 2022 Vietnam Open.

In the alternate game, the game was tight again throughout the match. Even Tommy was left before byS. Sankar Muthusamy several times. Although it could devaluate the gap at 8- 11 position. still, S. Sankar Muthusamy’s countenance forced Tommy to give up 20- 22. As a result, the Vietnam Open 2022 entered the third game. In this third set, S. Sankar Muthusamy came more confident.

It’s the contrary with Tommy. Where he who’s formerly 34 times old, seems to lose stamina, until he has to give up 11- 21. The defeat in the first round forced Tommy Sugiarto to bury his dream of winning his first title this time. In other words, Tommy Sugiarto has to extend his title presto for the last five times. The son of the legend Icuk Sugiarto last won the event at the 2017 Thailand Open.

Netizen Comments About Tommy Sugiarto

Throughout 2022, at best Tommy Sugiarto can only reach the round of 16 of the Thailand Open and the 2022 Singapore Open. still, he still struggles to contend indeed though he’s formerly a elderly. Launching from BWF’s twitter, Tommy Sugiarto was swamped with colorful commentary. From the BWF’s sanctioned twitter that reported the defeat of Tommy Sugiarto overS. Sankar Muthusamy, netizens gave stimulant and deep sadness.

” Unfortunately, the alternate game was nearly cornered, failed and tired it seems. Cheers, Mas Tommy,” reflected@darm *****

” Om Tommy if rubber the chance of winning is veritably small,” reflected@just_ *****

” Oh no, mamas tommy,” reflected@meat *****

For information, the Vietnam Open 2022 is a Super 100 badminton event which will take place on 27 September – 2 October 2022. This event will take place in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which is attended by numerous of the world’s top badminton players, including representatives from Indonesia.


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