Bayern’s 5-game winning streak Barcelona Xavi thinks Barcelona is better than Bayern
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Bayern’s 5-game winning streak Barcelona Xavi thinks Barcelona is better than Bayern

Both Bayern and Barcelona got off to a good start in the first round of the Champions League group stage. In the previous four Champions League games, Barcelona had four consecutive defeats against Bayern. This time they faced off in the second round.

Barcelona started well, but Bayern goalkeeper Neuer has turned the tide many times. In the 9th minute, Garvey made a cross near the penalty area, Pedri followed and shot, but Neuer stretched his leg and blocked it. In the 21st minute, Lewandowski headed home and Neuer saved the game again. Barcelona repeatedly failed to score goals and the two sides were tied 0-0.

In the second half, Lucas Hernandez scored with a header in the 50th minute, giving Bayern a 1-0 lead. In the 54th minute, due to Barcelona’s massive attack, Sane pushed the goal and expanded the advantage with a score of 2-0 .

Bayern won 2-0 at home and won 5 consecutive victories.

According to the “Daily Sport” report, Barcelona coach Xavi believes that his team has performed better than Bayern, but he regrets that the team failed to seize the opportunity, especially in the first half.

Xavi said of the game: “The first conceded goal was an error in the man-marking from set pieces, and the second was conceded because we didn’t foul. The result didn’t reflect the game. You dominated, Created more chances, but in the end paid the price for his lack of coolness.”

Harvey also said that even if it was a negative outcome, they would take positive steps to learn from their mistakes.


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