Bayern Munich’s Benjamin Pavard denies speculation claiming that he wants to leave the club due to reduced main player status..
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Bayern Munich’s Benjamin Pavard denies speculation claiming that he wants to leave the club due to reduced main player status..

Bayern Munich’s French international defender Benjamin Pavard has solemnly refuted the allegations that he would leave the club during the winter transfer window in January due to his dissatisfaction with the loss of his main player status in the team in an interview with the French newspaper L’Equipe on Thursday.  



According to reports, Pavard talked about his feelings about playing for Bayern Munich this season in the interview, and also talked about his honour of being able to try and defend the championship with the national team in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.  


When he was asked about being accused of being dissatisfied and replaced from his main player status in the team, Pavard denied and said that: “No, that’s not true. I’m not angry or disappointed. I’m playing for a very big club in the Bundesliga. we have a game in every three days and there is competition for every position, so it’s normal not to be able to play all the time.”  


When the reporter asked him how he evaluates his performance this season, Pavard said: “Am I in the best form?! I don’t know. If we are only discussing statistics, maybe yes, but for a defender, the most important thing is defense. That you have to look at my defensive stastistics.”  


“Since the beginning of the season, I have indeed been full of confidence on the offensive end and know my strength in front of the goal. Of course, I also want to thank our assistant coach Toppmöller for giving me confidence. He always makes me think about scoring goals.”  


Regarding the fact that people in the industry, including Liverpool head coach Jürgen Klopp, are complaining that the schedule is too tight and whether he will be worried that it will cause injuries before the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar kicks off, Pavard said: “To be honest. there are too many games. We’re not robots, we’re human. The journey back and forth, the pitch conditions, playing game after game, it’s not easy. We’re trying to recover as much as possible, but I feel sorry for so many players right now. It’s not a surprise at all that many of them were forced to miss the World Cup due to injury.”  


“To be honest, I’m not worried about getting injured. I keep telling myself that if I think too much about the World Cup, then I’m going to get injured. It’s never good when you are thinking too much. When you’re on the pitch, you just play well on the game and things will be fine.”   Speaking of this, Pavard did not forget to say that after playing so many games for Bayern Munich, he is happy to be able to compete in the World Cup for the second time in his career.  


In the end, when the reporter asked him about the expiry of his contract and his views on leaving Bayern Munich to play in foreign leagues, Pavard calmly said : “There is no contract renewal negotiation yet. At the moment, I am focused on the World Cup and on giving my all while playing for a big club. I trained hard at Bayern, I learned to play at a high level and I’m proud to wear the Bayern shirt.”   “I’ve been in Germany for seven years, I’ve won everything here. I’m not against starting a new journey, maybe now it’s the time, why not discover a new country, a new culture? But a new project has to be interesting.”  


Pavard has played 20 times for Bayern Munich in all competitions this season and scored 4 goals, equalling the number of goals he scored in his first season (2019/20 season) after joining Die Roten.  


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