Barcelona dragged Atletico Madrid to the court, why? | 77577sport
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Barcelona dragged Atletico Madrid to the court, why? | 77577sport

Another interesting news came from one of the La Liga clubs, namely Barcelona. Barcelona has now taken the decision to bring Atletico Madrid to justice. Why did Barcelona take such legal action?

Barcelona took this decision because of Griezmann’s transfer last season. Atletico Madrid decided to borrow their star, Griezmann. The loan has conditions that must be met, namely Atletico must buy Griezmann permanently. In addition, Atletico also conveyed the terms of their agreement. It is stated that Griezmann must play at least 45 minutes in 50% of Atletico Madrid’s matches this season.

In that match, Atlético committed fraud that cost Barcelona. It was proven during the match, Atletico manipulated Griezmann’s playing time. Atletico did not use Griezmann as a sticker and also gave under 30 minutes of playing time every game. Atletico used this cunning tactic instead of avoiding the purchase of Griezman, who was around 40 million at the end of the season.

Seeing this tactic, Barcelona became furious and planned to sue Los Rojiblancos in court. Barcelona felt that Atlético had tricked them.

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