Barack Obama Buys Phoenix Suns for IDR 63 Trillion?
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Barack Obama Buys Phoenix Suns for IDR 63 Trillion?

Barack Obama Buys Phoenix Suns for IDR 63 Trillion?

Former US president Barack Obama added to the list of implicit buyers for the Phoenix Suns team. Uniquely, several media reported enterprise that Obama was the bone who could shake Stephen Curry’s comfort in the Golden State soldiers. Although until now there has been no sanctioned evidence from the former president.

The Suns came one of the elite NBA brigades in the last two seasons. They dominated the regular season, until they qualified for the 2021 NBA Tests and lost to the Milwaukee Bucks. also in the 2021- 2022 season, they got to the semi-finals of the Western Conference. But after that the club’s character was destroyed by the proprietor himself.

Billionaire Robert Sarver was caught in a racism case, which earned him a fine and suspense from the NBA. Pressure from outside and outside the club forced Sarver to vend his club. The case that happed to Brittney Griner also forced Sarver to let go of the Phoenix Mercury team that appeared in the WNBA.

Until this news was revealed, no bone has been serious about buying the Suns and Mercury. still, news about implicit buyers is confusing on social media. Until eventually Bill Simmons from The Ringer informed the club’s buyers. Namely, former United States president Barack Obama is interested in buying the two clubs.

Barack Obama is an NBA addict

Barack Obama is an NBA addict
Barack Obama and Stephen Curry

Obama is known as an NBA addict since the first. He also has a close relationship with NBA stars similar as LeBron James and Stephen Curry. Obama is a president who brings tradition to life. Where, the NBA champion club had the honor to come to the White House.

Interestingly, a lot of enterprise has sprung up after the news from Bill Simmons. Two major sports media specifically bandied the possibility of Obama buying the NBA club. One of the most intriguing motifs is the transfer of players. Obama’s presence in the NBA could spark a surprising transfer.

As is known, if Obama really admires Stephen Curry’s game with the Golden State soldiers. Indeed, seen on social media, on several occasions he looks familiar with Curry. Until the soldiers won the title in the 2021- 2022 season. Obama directly called Curry to compliment him.

Will Stephen Curry Move to the Suns?

The soldiers lock the star with an exclusive contract until 2026. operation considers that there’s no meaning if the soldiers are without Curry. They still keep their players, indeed though the price is fantastic.

Just imagine, Curry now has a payment of 50 million US bones, original to 778 billion a time. So, it was insolvable for him to leave the soldiers. Because there’s no way a team would dare to risk their finances. But everything could be a different story if Obama asked for it.

It’s entirely possible for Obama to move Curry from the soldiers to the Suns. Or take LeBron James from the Lakers to the Suns. As well as making a script to realize LeBron James’ dream to play in a team with his son. According to spectators, only Obama can do it.

But again, this story is only about rumors, enterprise, and prognostications. Obama’s party has not given any response regarding the news conveyed by Bill S


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