Bale announced his retirement, Real Madrid sent blessings
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Bale announced his retirement, Real Madrid sent blessings

Welsh star Gareth Bale announced on his personal social media that he will retire immediately and end his club and national team career. Bell’s peak period was basically spent in Real Madrid. Real Madrid officials gave their blessings to Bell, who has made great contributions to the team, after announcing his retirement.

Real Madrid ‘s official statement stated that based on the announcement of Bale’s retirement, Real Madrid would like to take this opportunity to express its gratitude, appreciation and joy to the club and world football legend.

Bale joined Real Madrid in 2013 and defended the jersey he wore for the next nine years. He helped the team win 19 titles along the way, including 5 Champions Leagues, 4 Club World Cups, 3 UEFA Super Cups, 3 La Liga titles, 3 Spanish Super Cups and 1 King cup champion. Bell’s personal honors include being selected as the best player in the 2018 UEFA Champions League Final Cup and winning the Club World Cup Golden Globe in the same year.

Real Madrid’s statement also stated that Bale was part of the team during one of the most successful periods in the club’s history, and he will always represent some of the club ‘s glorious moments over the past 10 years. For example, the memorable goal in the 2014 Copa del Rey final in Valencia, for example, the extraordinary goal in the 2014 Champions League final in Lisbon, for example, the 2018 Champions League final goal in Kiev, This barb goal will always be in the memory of those who love football.

Real Madrid finally wrote: “Bell’s figure will always be linked to the history and legend of the club. I wish you good luck and best wishes to you and your family.”


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