Austin Reaves Reveals Cause of Lakers Lose Against Sixers
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Austin Reaves Reveals Cause of Lakers Lose Against Sixers

Austin Reaves provides an analysis of the factors that caused his team to lose overtime. The Los Angeles Lakers have a responsibility to recognize the greatness of the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Lakers were able to rise in the final minutes thanks to the contribution of Austin Reaves, who came off the bench. He had one of his best games this season by scoring 25 points. With only seconds left, he scored three points to cut the deficit from six to three.

The return of Anthony Davis and LeBron James makes the revitalization of the Los Angeles Lakers clear. It was proven when the Lakers were able to hold off against the host Philadelphia 76ers during regular game time. However, the Lakers continued to press, which ultimately led to their defeat in overtime, 122-133.

Austin Reaves Ungkap Penyebab Kekalahan Lakers Lawan Sixers #basketball #basket #shorts – YouTube

According to the NBA’s official website, the team’s loss at the hands of their host, the 76ers, was the third straight setback. After losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers with a score of 102-116, the Los Angeles Lakers again lost to the Toronto Raptors with a score of 113-126.

Austin Reaves Reveals Cause of Lakers’ Defeat Against Sixers

Reaves led the Lakers in scoring by hitting two of his first three attempts from the line. However, in the end, it became the desired result as the Lakers once again stole the ball. Then Anthony Davis was fouled while trying to make a layup. Reaves went on to discuss what he believes were factors that led to the Lakers’ overtime loss.

“We managed to secure a tip, and as soon as the game kicked off we put in an amazing game call. On top of that, we were given a very detailed view of the situation. It was exactly what we wanted, but Bron’s layup put a damper on things. Literally nine ten times from the entrance, but for some reason somehow,” Reaves explained

Austin Reaves Reveals Cause of Lakers Lose Against Sixers
Austin Reaves

“It was annoying at the time, but now that it’s over, you don’t really think about it. When Russ got on the scene, he eyed a nice elbow jumper, which is basically the same thing. I felt a little deflated just not seeing these two come with the look we got.”

“Afterwards, I think they were awarded a point for their first possession, which was their first game. We put them in position to take free throws. Due to an unfortunate accident, I fouled on the offensive rebound. As a result, they went up seven points very quickly. Then, after that, we were just thrown into chaos,” he added.


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