Augsburg’s 34-year-old goalkeeper Djikivic provokes the spectator after a clean sheet, angering many Bremen fans to the field boundary
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Augsburg’s 34-year-old goalkeeper Djikivic provokes the spectator after a clean sheet, angering many Bremen fans to the field boundary

The 6th round of the Bundesliga this season officially kicks off today. Augsburg’s first away game against Werder Bremen is the most exciting scene than Augsburg’s 34-year-old goalkeeper Rafav Djikivic’s timely save. Keeping a clean sheet blocked the draw, but Djikicic’s subsequent actions caused some unnecessary chaos on the scene.

The two sides were evenly matched in attack and defense until the 63rd minute of the second half, when Augsburg ‘s 24-year-old striker Emedin Dmirovic scored the only goal of the game.

Augsburg goalkeeper Rafal Gikiewicz celebrates the goal to make it 0:1 during the Bundesliga soccer match between Werder Bremen and FC Augsburg, in Bremen, Germany, Friday Sept. 9, 2022. (Carmen Jaspersen/dpa via AP)

In stoppage time, Bremen’s 28-year-old striker Marvin Duksch took a penalty kick for a chance to tie the game, but he encountered an experienced goalkeeper Djikivic, who easily threw to the right. Going to be successful and keeping a clean sheet at the last minute resulted in a victory for the visiting team.

However, Djikevich turned to look at the viewing area of the Bremen fans behind him after scoring a clean sheet, and provoked the fans to continue shouting with gestures, obviously satirizing that Bremen couldn’t tie the score with a penalty kick and that he could not tie the game for him. Cheers, this moment angered and aroused the sensitive nerves of Bremen fans. It can be seen from the film that dozens of fans jumped down from the viewing area to break into the border of the arena, and Djikevich also intends to participate in this conflict but was rejected. Teammates stepped forward to prevent the chaos from intensifying.

Bremen’s players and the opponent’s players also used gestures and words to signal to the fans to stabilize their emotions and stay in place. Only after the intervention of the security guards did they successfully evacuate dozens of angry fans. Fortunately, it did not lead to more serious conflicts. event.

After the incident subsided, as the main troublemaker in the matter, the referee on duty for the game, Martin Peterson, immediately awarded the goalkeeper a yellow card for allegedly provoking the fans and violating the spirit of sportsmanship. this game.

At the end of the game, Augsburg finally defeated Bremen 1-0 away, ranking 11th in the Bundesliga standings with 3 wins and 3 losses.


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